Hintascent = natural, high quality, eco friendly

HINTASCENT by our definition  = authentic, natural, high quality, eco friendly products that smell wonderful without being too strong

Each of our products are completely handcrafted and made in small batches right here in our in-home studio. You can be sure each one is unique and always receives the utmost care and attention. We use beeswax, soy wax, natural oils and butters in our body products and candles; which are housed in eco friendly, reusable and/or recyclable containers. Our products are made to be used on all skin types, even sensitive skin. 

The result is an authentic, high quality, eco-friendly product for you to enjoy.

Hintascent can be purchased at hintascent.com or at the following boutiques and spas:
Frankie's Boutique located at 2322 N Clark Street in Chicago, IL
Crush Boutique located at 2138 W Roscoe Street in Chicago, IL
VCR Spa located at 2009 W Belmont Street in Chicago, IL

A Recent Hintascent review about our Deodorants:


I can't tell you how many different deodorant/anti-perspirants I have tried in the last few years! I have had so many issues with them: causing worse odor, breakouts, swelling underarms, even a bacterial infection! I even tried the so-called "all natural" brands you find in the stores! Nope! Those broke my skin out too! My husband found Hintascent by word of mouth and despite the price, I thought I'd give it a try. I'm so glad I did! No more swelling or breakouts and NO bad odor! I don't even sweat as much as I used to with conventional deodorants! I'm ordering more because I don't want to be without this deodorant ever! Thank you so much for providing this product! It's been a life-saver! 


We always welcome new ideas, scents and use of oils so please feel free to share. 


Thanks for your support,
Jill and Jacob